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The following is a list of achievements in the game AMID EVIL. There are 30 available achievements.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Abysmal.jpg Abysmal Die in the Gateway
All-out.jpg All-out Finish a level with no mana
Amid Difficulty.jpg Amid Difficulty Amid Difficulty
Armageddon.jpg Armageddon Blow up the earth
Close Shave.jpg Close Shave Finish a level on less than 10 health
Collector.jpg Collector Pick up every item in a level
Destroyer.jpg Destroyer Destroy all decorations in a level
Explorer.jpg Explorer Find all the secrets in a level
Filthy Cheater.jpg Filthy Cheater Use a cheat code
Genocider.jpg Genocider Kill all enemies in an episode
Hardcore.jpg Hardcore Get all awards in a level
He swims, he hungers.jpg He swims, he hungers
Heh, Brutal.jpg Heh, Brutal Axe kill 10 enemies in under 10 seconds
Hippie.jpg Hippie Get through a level without killing anything
Huge Nerd.jpg Huge Nerd Use all the cheat codes
If you can....jpg If you can... Find the hidden developer room
Killer.jpg Killer Kill all enemies in a level
NO TOUCHY.jpg NO TOUCHY Don't pickup anything in a level
Overkiller.jpg Overkiller Get 100 Overkills
Ready for anything.jpg Ready for anything Finish a level with full mana
Sadistic.jpg Sadistic Die each unique way
Scholar.jpg Scholar Read all inscriptions in a level.
Seeya.jpg Seeya Banish 10 enemies into a black hole
Soul Limbo.jpg Soul Limbo Extend soul mode for 30 seconds
Soul Sacrifice.jpg Soul Sacrifice Finish a level with soul mode on
Speed Runner.jpg Speed Runner Beat a level's par time
Super Nova.jpg Super Nova Destroy 5 enemies with a sun
The almighty power.jpg The almighty power Use each soul mode attack once
The chosen one.jpg The chosen one Defeat the evil force