The Axe of the Black Labyrinth is the Champion's starting weapon in each episode of Amid Evil's main quest.

Description in the in-game codex[]

A weapon created by the Old Gods themselves; it has belonged to many great warriors and heroes.

It senses evil, and at a short distance will pull anything that it hates toward it.

Also key to traversing dimensions, its full powers are unknown. It always returns to the Black Labyrinth once the wielder is dead...


Unpowered Powered
Attack interval ~0.36 s ~0.08 s
Attack damage 15 15
Overall DPS ~40 ~187
Target pull Yes No

The unpowered attack deals double damage to claws of evil and triple damage to hands of evil and crysharks.


Axeoftheblacklabyrinth firstperson.jpgAxeoftheblacklabyrinth firstperson powered.jpg