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Bastion of the Blue Moon is the second level in Episode 1: Astral Equinox.

Description in the in-game codex[]

The moon worshippers crated this fortification that looms at the top of a mountain. The main hall is locked, and you will have to search the dank hallways and passages beneath for a way to reach the key.



  1. From the start of the level you can see a Legendary soul on a ledge. There's multiple ways to reach it, easiest being jumping down from the ledge containing the Staff of the Azure Orb
  2. After going through the first door, jump down into the water. Climb out of the water, go through the hole in the fence and step in the middle of the room. You can use the nearby torch power-up to see the elevator. This leads to several enemies and the Voltride
  3. From the Whisper's Edge, follow the rocky cliffside to the right for a secret Celestial Claw and 2 small orange mana
  4. Behind the button that opens the lower doors, up the hill are some secret Medium green mana and health items
  5. Down the stairs from the Whisper's Edge is a large round grate on the floor with a Legendary soul underneath. The stairs next to the grate have a hole on the right side that lead there.
  6. Step on the elevator to make it go up and jump off of it. Underneath the platform is a Full Health.
  7. After picking up the gold key, keep following the path until a dead end. If you step onto the left edge, you can barely see a Full Health top right of the gold key door. You can either use the Celestial Claw, or jump around on the ledge to get it.


  1. Next to the Voltride in Secret #2 is the message "Voltride's secret power reveals with overkill"
  2. Next to secret #6 is the message "Those who would worship the sun are blind."
  3. Going down the stairs towards the level exit is the message "Passageway to the vaults of midnight"

Destructible decorations[]

There are 16 destructible decorations:

  • There are 6 standing torches in front of the gold key door
  • Looking from the well, look at the gold key door and strafe left and right. There will be 4 standing torches in the areas above the gold key door.
  • There are 6 burning braziers on the walkway the same height as the gold key door. There are 2 next to each staircase leading down.