The Celestial Claw is an orange mana weapon that can be found by the champion in each episode of Amid Evil's main quest. It shoots shrinked planets and even stars when powered.

Description in the in-game codex[]

Created by the Archmage of Chaos; it pulls random planets from their position in time and space, then shrinks them down to a size so that they can be launched at foes. A truly deadly weapon.

When enough souls have been gathered their power enables the claw enough might to fire even a sun.


Unpowered Powered
Mana type Orange mana (Capacity: 50)
Mana cost 1 per shot 2 per shot
Attack interval ~0.62 s (holding attack input)

~0.5 s (timing attack input)

Attack damage Up to ~26 Up to ~76
Overall DPS ~50 ~150


Celestialclaw firstperson.jpgCelestialclaw firstperson moon.jpgCelestialclaw firstperson earth.jpgCelestialclaw firstperson powered.jpg