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Amid Evil has many cheat codes, most of which are written down in the in-game Codex. To use a cheat code in PC versions of the game, one simply types the code while playing. After the last letter of a code has been entered, a message of acknowledgment will appear at the top of the screen. The status bar and in-game view may also change, depending on the effects of the code. Does not work while the menu is open or while the player is dead.

Outside of cheats that give resources, cheats are deactivated when loading the game or entering a different level.

Cheat codes[edit | edit source]

Code Effects Displayed message
AEOMG God mode. Makes player invulnerable to all damage and instant kills, including damage/death cheats. Shows health as ∞. Does not actually change health, so player can still pick up health power-ups. God mode enabled.

God mode disabled.

AEMAGE Full mana. Full mana
AEWIZARD All weapons + mana + keys. You're a wizard, Larry.
AENIMA Soul mode engage. Sets soul to max and activates soul mode. Soul power!
AEBABY Toggle soul mode. Permanently activates soul mode, regardless of soul amount. When used while soul mode is already active, it will deactivate soul mode when souls reach 0. The player will then have to deactivate and activate this cheat to use perma-soul mode again. Perma-soul activated

Perma-soul deactivated

AEWARLOCK All weapons. Does not give mana for any weapon. All weapons given
AELEON Level select screen. Dark Heart is shown in red. Only shows levels from the main campaign.
AE1981 CGA pallete 1. CGA mode 1
AE1982 CGA pallete 2. CGA mode 2
AE1983 CGA pallete 3. CGA mode 3
AE1989 EGA pallete. EGA mode
AE1990 VGA pallete. 256 colour mode
AE2000 Full colour pallete Full colour mode
AEURP Burp. Excuse me...
AEBORT Quit game.
AENDREW Music select. Allows player to pick any song to play from a list. If the menu is opened/closed while the music select window is open it will stay stuck on screen. Music select
AERO Fly mode. Permanently activates flight. Deactivates when entering water. I believe I can fly...

Oh shit... I was trippin'

AESEE Torch mode. Activates the torch power-up. Torchlight
AEYESORE Invisibility. Permanently makes player invisible. Now you don't

Now you see me

AELPHA All powerups + keys + weapons + mana + health + full soul points. Fully tourqed
AEVAIN All keys. All keys given...
AEHEH Finishes level. Does not set an episode as finished when used on the final level of an episode. Ok then...
AETHER No clipping. Allows player to fly and go through walls, enemies, enemy attacks and instant death. Does not make player immune to AEOUCH or AESPLODE cheats. If player uses the aero cheat while this cheat is active, flight will be deactived but the player will fall through the floor forever. If the player picks up a flight power-up, then uses this cheat, the player will be stuck in the air after the flight power-up runs out. No clipping enabled.

No clipping disabled.

AESTHETIC Vapourwave mode. Changes colour pallete and music. Ignores the Music Track variable visible in AESTAT. + Aesthetic Mode +

Snap back to reality

AETHEORY Turn all post processing up to max. Does not get deactivated when typing the cheat again. My eyes!!!!!!
AELYMPICS Make the player super fast. Gotta go fast!!!

*Skidding noise

AEON Make the player super slow. Slowpoke Rodriguez

Back to normal

AEXTREME Super fast weapons. Every player weapon attacks significantly faster. Superfast weapons enabled.

Superfast weapons disabled.

AEXTINCT Kill all enemies. Also prevents enemies from spawning. Does not count removed enemies as kills in the kill counter. Cheat does not get deactivated by typing it twice. Wipe them out... All of them...
AESPLODE Kill player. Goodbye cruel world :(
AEOUCH Hurt player. Deals 1 damage unless god mode / Invulnerability power-up is active. Ow.
AESTOP Freeze enemies. Stops all current enemies from moving. Enemies that spawn in will still move. Freezin' enemies

Thawin' enemies

AEHIDE Hides first person weapon.
AESHOT Hides messages+HUD -screenshot mode-
AEWEP2 Gives Azure Orb.
AEWEP3 Gives Whispers Edge.
AEWEP4 Gives Voltride.
AEWEP5 Gives Celestial Claw.
AEWEP6 Gives Crystal Torment.
AEWEP7 Gives Aeturnum.
AESTAT Show debug stats.