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Solar archmage is a uncommon enemy type found in the Solar Solstices. He is rarely found alone, and is often accompanied by Easy and Medium tier enemies, although in rare occurrences he can also be accompanied by other Solar archmages. He wears anubis-like helmet, with two big spikes resembling ears, and grey/brown colored armor. His weapon is a big staff erupting with fire and he is the highest ranking member of Solar cult, with only Solar Saint standing above him. As most of the enemies from Solar Solstices, he also has his counterpart from Lunar cult, which would be Lunar archmage, and shares the same durability and size with him, being able to tank more than 4 slashes from whispering edge.

Behavior and attacks[edit | edit source]

Same as Lunar archmage, Solar archmage tries to approach player with average speed, even though he is capable of striking the player from the distance. His attack consists of smashing the ground with his staff, causing fire line to spread towards the player, who must sidestep. Since he belongs in Big tier, using stronger weapons against him is recommended, even though he shouldn't be prioritized when accompanied by group of lesser enemies, since his attack is fairly easy to evade compared to Solar berserkers.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Normal Evil
Soul Large (16)
Health 50 62.5
Damage N/A N/A