Crystal Spider is a common enemy type encountered by Champion in the Arcane Expanse. They are artificially created by the mages inhabiting the Arcane Expanse, serving the purpose of their pets and servants. The Crystal Spiders are basically a bunch of separate crystals, connected together into a shape of spider's body, brought to life by magic, that can be recognized as a red glow coming out from the central crystal. Despite their fragile look, they are able to withstand moderate ammount of firepower, before they eventually go down.

Behavior and attacks

Crystal Spider is one of the simplier enemy types in the Arcane Expanse, as his only attack is a charging jump, through which he attempts to hurt the Champion. The jump doesn't only serve as an attack though, but also as a form of movement ability, when in need to reach some higher placed platforms. As beneficial as this is, it can also serve as a weakness, and if Champion is cunning enough, he can lure the spiders to jump into bottomless abyss, which is a highly common environmental hazard in Arcane Expanse, as the whole world is located above one. Apart from that, they can be killed quite easily with any weapon, although the Trident and Celestial Claw are less effective.


Normal Evil
Soul Small (8)
Health 32 40
Damage N/A N/A