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Episode 2: Domain of the Sentinels

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Episode 3: The Sacred path

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Episode 4: Solar Solstice

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Episode 5: The Forges

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Episode 6: Arcane Expanse

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Episode 7: The Void
  • Descent Into Darkness
  • Hostile Paradox
  • Enigma Gate
  • Dark Heart

Dark Heart is the fourth and last level in Episode 7: The Void. It is the final level of the main campaign.

Description in the in-game codex

Something awaits...



  1. From the start, turn around and jump off the starting platform near the middle pillar for a Full Health.


All 5 messages appear on the way to the boss

  1. We
  2. Know
  3. Who
  4. You
  5. Are

Destructible decorations

There are 12 destructible decorations:

  • There are 12 floating torches next to the walkway at the start of the level
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