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There are seven episodes. Each episode has its own enemies and setting. There are a different number of levels in each episode.

Episode 1: Astral Equinox[]

Astral Equinox is big complex of temples built by the Lunar cult in order to worship Moon there. As the Evil came to this place, it turned normally pacifist Lunar worshippers into mindless cultists that are not afraid to kill anybody who dares not to worship The Moon. As the whole place is built in one big mountain, the player needs to make his way from the bottom to the top in order to stop this madness and slay the leader of this cult, Moon Guardian.


  • Selenic Stronghold: Temple complex built inside the mountain that player has to come through in order to reach the higher parts of the Astral Equinox.
  • Vaults of midnight: Place only accessible to highest ranking Lunar cult members, containing all the prayers and knowledge about the Moon.
  • Lunar Sanctuary: Throne room of the Moon Guardian, built directly under the sky, with the moon shining inside.


Boss: Moon Guardian

Episode 2: Domain of the Sentinels[]

Domain of the Sentinels was once a place where right and order prevailed and the Sentinels lived in peace. In this World, Evil manifested itself in the form of a parasite that posseses humanoid hosts in order for it to complete its life cycle. The player needs to cross these lands and find the father of these parasites The Scrounge in order to cleanse this World from Evil.


  • Citadel of the Watchers: Citadel that player needs to cross in order to reach the hive of the parasite father. Unfortunately, this citadel is full of traps and moving platforms that don't distinguish between parasites and the player.
  • Forgone fortress: Big fortress with a high tower and one locked gate that leads outside.
  • Halls of doom: Halls corrupted by the parasite. It's been told that weapon of great power can be found here.
  • Sentinel's Sanctuary: Once a sanctuary for Sentinels, now a corrupted hive of The Scrounge, the parasite mother.


Boss: The Scrounge

Episode 3: The Sacred path[]

The Sacred path was always a resting place for fallen warriors and for one to make his journey through their tombs, learn their wisdom and atone for his sins. Now that the Evil came to this place and summoned Corrupt Spirit, the souls of buried warriors were awakened and now they roam aimlessly through this World with their only intention being to kill everybody on sight. The Player needs to purge this world by banishing the Corrupt Spirit back to where he came from.


  • Journeyman's way: Beginning of the way of the wisdom and illumination begins in this temple. The Player needs to find his way from the underground and get to the surface.
  • Apostle's shrine: Apostle's shrine was once very lively place flooded with a refreshing stream of water. As the Evil corrupted this place and stopped all the water from coming there, the player will first have to bring back the life to this place by flooding it with water once again, in order for him to proceed.
  • Pilgrim's temple: The Pilgrim's temple contains all the wisdom that the sinner who chooses to follow this path seeks. It also serves as a tomb to the greatest warriors, since being buried here worships their honor.
  • Ancient Sanctuary: The lair to the Corrupt Spirit that needs to be banished.


Boss: Corrupt Spirit

Episode 4: Solar Solstice[]

Solar Solstice is the exact opposite of the Astral Equinox World. Here, instead of Lunar cult, worshippers of Sun reside. Even though they've always despised the Lunar worshippers, it wasn't until Evil came to this place and corrupted them that they started murdering anybody who doesn't worship the Sun. The Player's objective is to get to the highest tower of this World, where the Solar Saint commands his subjects, and exterminate him.


  • The Bright pass: Small temple built on the mountain pass. Here, the Solar Cult worships the sunrise.
  • The Illumination complex: Big temple complex, where players has to find a way to The Tower of Light.
  • The Tower of Light: Highest tower in the Solar Solstice. Only the worthy can come and worship the mighty Sun here. There are rumors that the Light Tower contains some sort of sacred magic, allowing the one to reach the Sun.
  • Solar Sanctuary: Top of the Tower of Light, and also throne room of the Solar Saint,the leader of the Solar cult. From here, he is able to speak with Sun and fullfil it's demands.


Boss: Solar Saint

Episode 5: The Forges[]

The Forges are located in a world that has been stripped of all magic, and instead relies on technology and its benefits. When Evil came to this place, it manifested itself around the Forge and possessed its master who immediately started producing dangerous weapons and an army that could serve The Evil. Player has to make his way inside The Forges and eliminate Forgemaster, thus stopping Evil's influence in this world.


  • Ruins of Rust: The first place player is taken to is the former city located near The Forges, which has been devastated by the army created within it. Player needs to make his way through these ruins in order to find the hidden entrance into The Forges.
  • Crucible of Pain: In order to reach the center of The Forges, the player needs to move on through the security system that consists of numerous traps, preventing all the possible trespassers from reaching the Gauntlet of Torment.
  • Gauntlet of Torment: This is the place where all weapons and technological stuff is produced. Even though the place itself is very dangerous, it's the only way to reach the Forsaken Sanctuary, where Forgemaster resides.
  • Forsaken Sanctuary: Forsaken Sanctuary is located directly above the center of The Forges. This place is used to create things from toughest metals found in this world, so only Forgemaster himself has permission to work here.


Boss: Forgemaster

Episode 6: The Arcane Expanse[]

This world is the exact opposite of The Forges. Its inhabitants devoted their whole lives to magic, and even the whole existence of the Expanses depends on the force of magic. Some of the weapons that Champion wields were also created using magic from this place. When Evil came to this place, it wasn't hard to turn everybody to its side, as they were already worshipping it, and were awaiting it's arrival. As a reward for their obedience, Evil showed them some of its ancient magical arts, one of which even allowed them to access a whole new dimensions altogether and summon dangerous beasts that lie within them. Champion's task here is to stop the mages inhabiting the Arcane Expanse and close their portal to another dimensions in order not to let any horrifying creatures to our space.


  • Arcland Verge: Arcane Expanse consists of many numerous islands floating in free space and imbued with magic. Champion

has to tighten his senses and explore them in order to find a way to Unholy Sanctuary.

  • Hexed Passage: The Mages knew somebody might try to interrupt the opening of the portal to another dimension,

so they Hexed the passage leading to the island with Unholy Sanctuary. Now the passage has been turned to a chaotic labyrinth that lacks any sorts of logical sense. It is still, however, the only way, so The Champion has to overcome this obstacle.

  • The Circle: The island imbued with immense magic power that flows from the portal located at the top, in the

Unholy Sanctuary, changing the laws of physics of liquid substances such as water.The Champion has to adapt himself on these new circumstances, and use them to reach the Unholy Sanctuary in time.

  • Unholy Sanctuary: This is the place where a portal to another dimension is located. Unfortunately,The Champion wasn't able to make it in time, as the portal has already opened and started changing its surroundings with notably different gravity. The only way for the Champion to close it is to jump in and eliminate any kinds of dangerous beasts that are keeping it opened.


Boss: Twin Terror

Episode 7: The Void[]

The final challenge. The Void is a twisted dimension of chaos and madness, and the source of all Evil that has corrupted the sacred realms. After liberating these realms, the barrier separating the Void from our world has grown weaker, allowing the Champion to enter, and finally end Evil's reign once and for all. But it won't be easy. In here, shadows are alive, and a malevolent presence watches the Champion's every move...


  • Descent Into Darkness: The Champion finds himself at the entryway of the Void. He must push onwards through this abstract and otherworldly maze, and plunge deeper into this madness.
  • Hostile Paradox: In order to halt the Champion's advance, Evil has lured him into a gauntlet of portals and nonsensical stairways. A place that should not exist. Nevertheless, the Champion must overcome this obstacle, or lose his sanity trying.
  • Enigma Gate: Beyond this gate lies the dark heart of Evil. But opening it will prove difficult, as Evil has summoned an army of darkness to defend it...
  • Dark Heart: The source of all Evil. If the Champion is victorious, Evil will finally be defeated. If not, the realms will forever be under the domain of darkness.


Boss: Evil