Eye of Pain

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Crawler parasites are uncommon enemy type, found in the Domain of the Sentinels usually in pairs, or in groups of three. This parasite type, although not fully developed, can survive on it's own without host. Despite that, his primarily objective still is, to fin the host, to become Possessed ranged sentinel and develop to his adult form. He resembles some sort of octopus by his appearance, with one big orange eye in the center of his body. He is mostly found hidden on the ceilings or the walls in the corners of the room, silently waiting for his prey to come, since he himself is not very durable.

Behavior and attacks[edit | edit source]

Crawler parasite is static enemy type, unable to charge at the player like most of the enemies, and that automatically makes him one of the easiest enemies to deal with, together with his low durability. He attacks with some sort of red magic balls, that can be easily sidestepped. However, due to his locations are often out of player's sight at first glance, he can be dangerous, as player may struggle to find where are his attacks coming from.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Normal Evil
Soul None
Health 8 10
Damage N/A N/A