Episode 2: Domain of the Sentinels

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Lunar Sanctuary is the fourth and last level in Episode 1: Astral Equinox.

Description in the in-game codex[]

The Moon Guardian's temple. He stares at the sky pondering only corrupt thoughts.



  1. Walk through the arch after entering the level and turn around. Above you is a red switch that you can shoot. After shooting it, a wall has opened in the middle wall on the left side of the stairs going up. It contains ammo for various weapons, health and several medium souls.


  1. In the secret area is the message "All that was good is gone. Use these items to defeat the guardian."

Destructible decorations[]

There are 37 destructible decorations:

  • There are 2 burning braziers next to the entrance
  • There are 32 standing torches in the area between the start and the boss room
  • There are 3 standing torches in the secret area.