Moon Guardian

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"Once the leader of the sacred Astral Worshipping Lands, his tenacity for once defending the astral gods is as strong as it is for defending the Evil Force."

Moon Guardian is the first boss of Amid Evil, and also the boss of the Astral Equinox world. He is the leader of the Lunar cult worshipping Moon. He is twice the size of the Apostle, and wears helmet with two big horns, and silver/blue colored armor. One thing that makes his armor different from the rest of the cult is the cape. His weapon is a big spear, with it's end being moon shaped, that is able to channel magic. Moon guardian is also the only boss, that is encountered without Champion having Star of Torment and Aeturnum in his arsenal.

Behavior and attacks[edit | edit source]

Moon Guardian and his Health bar

Moon Guardian doesn't try to approach the player. As you enter the arena, he immediately starts spamming his boomerang-like magic ranged attacks from his spear, which can be easily dodged at first, but become quite a nuisance later on, since the attacks can bounce off from walls, so after a while, there are multiple magic boomerangs flying around the room. With that being said, it's clear that Moon Guardian needs to be killed as quickly as possible, as the longer the fight last, the harder it becomes. Because of Moon Guardian being the first boss in the game, he doesn't have that much HP, and he can be downed very fast, if Champion comes to the arena with soul mode prepared, or with a lot of red mana.