Sons of the Scrounge

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Swarm of Hatchling parasites attacking player

Hatchling parasite is the earliest stage of the evolution stage of parasite, that infected the Domain of the Sentinels. As he was recently born, his color is different from the other parasites form, being more pink than red. Other than that, he resembles smaller version of Adult parasite flier. His only objective is to find suitable host, to develop into more dangerous, bigger forms. That means he is not often found on his own, but more likely in his host body like Possessed melee sentinel. When the host is killed, he usually dies with him, but there are rare occurrences, where he survive the death of his host, therefore he tries to find another one.

Behavior and attacks[edit | edit source]

Hatchling parasite's only objective is to find host, so when he sees player, he starts flying towards him in an attempt to make him his host, which unfortunately doesn't work for him, and Hatchling parasite doesn't survive his possession attempt. Although he dies, it causes some damage to the player, so while one Hatchling parasite might not be dangerous at all, larger group of them might strip player of most of his health. They can be dispatched rather easily tho, by using any ranged weapon with high fire rate and spread, making the Azure staff, or whispering edge the best choices.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The ones that come out of dead Sentinel Knights don't leave behind a soul when killed.

Normal Evil
Soul Minor (5)
Health 5 6.25
Damage N/A N/A