Staff of the Azure Orb

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The Staff of the Azure Orb is a blue mana weapon wielded by The Champion. When unpowered, it shoots out pairs of blue homing projectiles at a moderate rate. When powered, it rapidly shoots quintuples of non-homing projectiles that deal increased damage and turn enemies into water in just a few hits.

Description in the in-game codex[edit | edit source]

The great wizards of the Azure Order crafted a perfect orb representing all they stood for: purity and balance, containing facets of their combined powers. Normally it fires seeking magic orbs, when powered it unleashes a torrent of magic that will turn enemies to water.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Unpowered Powered
Mana type Blue mana (Capacity: 250)
Mana cost 1 per shot,

~3.5 per second

2 per shot,

~12 per second

Attack interval 0.28 s 0.16 s
Attack damage Up to 4.

(2 orbs × 2 per orb.)

Up to 30.

(5 orbs × 6 per orb.)

Overall DPS ~14 ~187
Target-seeking Yes No

Tactical analysis[edit | edit source]

The Staff of the Azure Orb is highly mana-efficient and deals damage at a considerable rate, making it an ideal "workhorse weapon". Its unpowered attack deals twice as much damage per point of mana as that of the other blue mana weapon, the Voltride, not to mention that it is also almost guaranteed that the projectiles will hit their target due to their slight homing properties.

The homing projectiles of unpowered attacks can prove especially useful against hard-to-hit enemies, and for damaging enemies that the player has no direct line of sight to. With the correct attack angle positioning, the orbs can even make sharp turns around corners when seeking enemies, hurting them without the player having to expose themselves to that enemy.

If the projectiles cannot find a target, they will randomly change direction over time, but they still mostly maintain the general direction in which they were cast.

When reflected by enemies, the projectiles lose their target-seeking ability and will instead travel in a completely straight path.

The unpowered Staff of the Azure Orb attacks a bit less than half as fast as the unpowered Voltride, resulting in a very slightly lower overall DPS (damage per second), and it also doesn't have the stun and overcharge abilities, the latter of which makes the Voltride immensely powerful in the right situations.

Powered attacks deal 7.5 times as much damage while only costing 2x the mana, and they also have almost twice the attack speed, resulting in about 13x greater overall DPS at only about 4x the mana consumption. Each attack consists of five widely spread-out projectiles, each of which does three times as much damage than one of the unpowered ones. These projectiles have no homing properties and instead travel in a straight path.

Due to the big change in behavior, the staff becomes a much more aggressive weapon when powered: The player cannot use powered attacks to hurt enemies around corners, and has to engage enemies head-on (preferrably at close to medium distance) with this weapon instead to reap the benefits of the immense damage potential. (The powered Staff of the Azure Orb is one of the most devastating player attacks in Amid Evil.)

Certain enemy types take increased damage from this weapon.

Images[edit | edit source]

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