Whisper's Edge

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The Whisper's Edge is a green mana weapon that can be found by the Champion in each episode of Amid Evil's main quest.

Description in the in-game codex[edit | edit source]

The celestial worshippers created this weapon in secret; there are many similar swords, but the pure green energy of the whisper's edge tears through those who would stand in its way.

The projectile it fires will strike multiple enemies if hit on the sides. A direct hit deals more damage.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Unpowered Powered
Mana type Green mana (Capacity: 100)
Mana cost 1 per attack 3 per attack
Attack interval 0.7 s 0.9 s
Attack damage 10 (direct hit),

7 (edge hit)

32 (first hit)

16 (other hits)

Images[edit | edit source]

Whispersedge firstperson.jpg